Konstantin Weber

As a conceptual artist coming from Germany, Konstantin Weber has been consistently intrigued by the intersection of technology and art. His creative journey began with a deep exploration of photography, which subsequently led him to discover a passion for the intricacies and potential of modern technical objects, such as PCs and other electronic components.

In 2019, a pivotal moment in Weber's artistic practice occurred as he ventured into the realm of artificial intelligence. By utilizing an image-based machine learning program, he successfully imitated his own photographic style, effectively creating an AI-driven extension of his artistic persona. This breakthrough marked a significant transition in his work, inspiring him to leave behind traditional photography and fully embrace the boundless possibilities of technology-driven art.
Weber's current body of work revolves around PC-Objects that seemingly come to life, interacting with and influencing the lives of both the artist and others. These pieces challenge viewers' perceptions of reality by exploring themes of control, autonomy, and the blurred lines between human and machine. At times, his technological creations serve as friendly companions, while on other occasions, they manifest darker, more unpredictable qualities.Through the creation of these living, breathing PC-Objects, Weber seeks to raise questions about our evolving relationship with technology and its role in shaping our existence.
His work stands as a testament to the power of innovation and the ever-changing landscape of artistic expression in a world where the line between human and machine is increasingly indistinguishable.As an artist, Weber is committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible and invites his audience to join him on this journey of discovery. Together, they will navigate the complex and fascinating world of technology-infused art, broadening their horizons and deepening their understanding of the intricate relationship between the digital and the analog.

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upcoming exhibition
2023 FOKUS, Gute Aussichten - centro de la imagen
2024 FOKUS, Gute Aussichten - Deichtorhallen Hamburg

past exhibitions
2023 50 Jahre Kunst- Kunstkreis Tuttlingen (wrongly invited due to SEO-Ranking)
2023 Rundgang 2023 - HFG Offenbach
2023 Object Mode - Tor Art Space, Frankfurt
2022 Diamonds Are Forever - PORT25 Raum für Gegenwartskunst Mannheim
2022 Malerei x Fotografie, Zollamt, Offenbach
2022 Malerei + - Fotografie, Magma Maria, Offenbach
2022 The Human Blueprint, Rotterdam Photo
2022 ups psu spu usp pus sup, MyPlace Selfstorage, Leipzig
​2022 TWODecks, Güteramt Mannheim
2022 gute aussichten junge deutsche fotografie 2020/2021, Deichtorhallen Hamburg
2022 The new artist, Boomer Gallery, London
2021 landschaftenmachenvX, Oberwelt e.V. Stuttgart
2021 gute aussichten junge deutsche fotografie 2020/2021, Matca Gallery, Hanoi
2021 Magma Maria x Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurter Kunstverein
2021 Schaufensterkunstschaufenster, Kunstverein Trier
2021 gute aussichten junge deutsche fotografie 2020/2021, Landesmuseum Koblenz
2021 gute aussichten junge deutsche fotografie 2020/2021, Künstlerhaus Dortmund
2020 Deltabeben Regionale 2020, PORT25 Raum für Gegenwartskunst Mannheim
2020 Aktionsraum 2, Kunstverein Ebersberg
2020 Hundert unter Tausend +, PORT25 Raum für Gegenwartskunst Mannheim
2019 Custom Wastelands, Strümpfe The Supper-Artclub Mannheim
2018 The [new] Mannheim, Raum S4.17 Mannheim
2018 Print Swap Exhibition, ROOTS Studio New York City
2018 Weltalphabetisierungstag / 1.Preis, Foyer der Abendakademie Mannheim
2018 Sommerausstellung der Studenten, FKAM Mannheim
2018 Sommer Mixtape, Strümpfe – The Supper Artclub Mannheim
2018 Fotografie im Pauline-Maier-Haus, Pauline-Maier-Haus Mannheim
2017 Sommerausstellung der Studenten, FKAM Mannheim
2017 OFF/Foto Mannheim, FKAM Mannheim
2017 Bilder von mir, Margarine Union, Peer 23 Mannheim