3D Model via AI-Based Programm given a 15-frame 1-second video (198kb)

Source video (00:00:01)


My first video was already two decades on an old hard drive when I found it again. An unspectacular, unintentional video, in whose place I wanted to take a photo. A sunset over the neighbour‘s house. One second long, 15 frames/second, 198kb in size. A nostalgic feeling was disappointed. The first video was a mistake. A data stain on the hard disk, forgotten, undeleted.

So I took care of the 15 frames. I wanted to reconstruct the scene, but in its limitation the moment from that time had to be present. Afterwards I decided to create a 3D view with the help of an AI-supported 3D modeling program (photogrammetry) from the different pictures.

The result is a work that reminds me of a half crumpled paper with a torn out corner. Is this the moment?