Konstantin Weber (*1992) first studied sociology in Frankfurt/M. before returning to his real passion, photography. He has been studying Visual Arts at the Freie Kunstakademie Mannheim since 2016. His tutor in the last year of his studies is Claus Stolz. Weber will graduated in summer 2020. 


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“The story doesn’t begin with the image and it doesn’t end with the image.” - Colin Pantall


So far we have seen Konstantin Weber's talent as a romantic chamber player, quiet, unpretentious, photographic solitaires brought to the point: Folded hands. Looking at an almost lowered shutter, light shimmers through the light slits like a promising luminous code. The lateral back view of a seated man in a white t-shirt. Views of car bodies, car headlights, the nocturnal frame of a football goal, on a distant horizon line lonely a few small lights. The close-up of a hand, the tip of the index finger touching a knee. Photographs, so only possible in very special moments, taken in an almost hermetic light atmosphere. (Read more)

1992                born in Heppenheim, lives and works in Stockstadt am Rhein
2016-20           studied fine art at FKAM, Mannheim
solo exhibitions​
2019                 Custom Wastelands, Strümpfe The Supper-Artclub Mannheim
2017                 Bilder von mir, Margarine Union, Peer 23 Mannheim
group exhibitions
2020                 Hundert unter Tausend +, PORT25 Raum für Gegenwartskunst Mannheim
2018                 The [new] Mannheim, Raum S4.17 Mannheim
2018                 Print Swap Exhibition, ROOTS Studio New York City
2018                 Weltalphabetisierungstag / 1.Preis, Foyer der Abendakademie Mannheim
2018                 Sommerausstellung der Studenten, FKAM Mannheim
2018                 Sommer Mixtape, Strümpfe – The Supper Artclub Mannheim
2018                 Fotografie im Pauline-Maier-Haus, Pauline-Maier-Haus Mannheim
2017                 Sommerausstellung der Studenten, FKAM Mannheim
2017                 OFF/Foto Mannheim, FKAM Mannheim